Majesty was created to make skis that combine hi-technology with innovative graphic design. We want to unite sports with art. That is why we put emphasis on design, technology and sport performance. From the early days we had a vision of skis that would change the freeskiing scene. We never stood aloof from radical concepts and visionary ideas supported by the highest quality craftsmanship. We deliver hi-end skis. In our range, you won't find a "budget version". What you will find is excellent performance.

Join conspiracy and discover the extraordinary.


CAMBER Camber is a type of construction that supports power, pop and precision. The shape of ski is arched up between touching points of the ski at the tip and tail. It gives responsiveness over the entire length of skis, grip on icy slopes and smooth edge over transmission.

Available in: Comic, Thunderbolt, Local Beauty, Local Hero, Local Hero Jr


ROCKER Rocker supports easy spins in powder and the catch-free, forgiving feel. The part of the ski under foot is flat, whereas both the nose and the tail of the ski are arched up. It improves the float and allows for an effortless all-terrain ride. Buttering and pillows shredding have never been easier.

Available in: Lumberjack


SEMI-HYBRID Rocker and camber constructions combined to create the blend of the best features of both. Rockered tip enhances playfulness and float, camber adds smooth snap and edge grip. Mixing entry rocker and the under-the-foot section camber, gives great freeride performance, improved float and enhanced control and stability in variable conditions.

Available in: Werewolf, Destroyer, Vixen, Dirty Bear, Wolf


2D-HYBRID Merging rocker and camber brings benefits of both constructions together. Rockered tips and tails enhance playfulness and float, camber adds control and edge grip. The secret of the 2D Hybrid technology lays in transferring the widest points of the ski towards the centre and matching them to the ski profile (rocker/camber/rocker). This results in a shortened radius feeling, allowing for easy turns with extra control.

Available in: Superior, Velvet, Rock'n'Rolla


ABS This season we have applied three construction variations of the 90º ABS sidewall technology. FREERIDE - 90º sidewall construction, which enhances riding properties and makes servicing easier. Freeride sidewall also offers better edge grip and enhance riding control. FREETOUR - sidewall construction, which combines the 15º/90ºABS with fang edge to make it lighter and impact-resistant. Freetour sidewall also increases riding properties and makes ski servicing easier. FREESTYLE - The 15º/90º freestyle sidewall, which protects the edges and makes servicing easier. As a bonus, the freestyle sidewall also limits damages from crossing the skis in tricks.


flex Flex is the result of combining torsion and stiffness of the skis. Skiers who prefer speed and precision should pick stiffer skis with more responsive torsional twist. Park shredders and intermediate skiers should pick skis with softer flex. The flex ratio is based only on a benchmark comparison within the Majesty skis range.


The most advanced technologies and the best materials used to make Majesty skis ensure top quality products. Depending on the model, Majesty skis are built with BIAX or/and TRAX fibres. BIAX combines flex and torsion to give smooth and comfortable ride. TRAX gives an aggressive, fast response and great flexibility. We cover all our skis with UV lacquer to protect the graphics from fading.

2,5 mm edges
2,5 mm steel "impact" edge for park rail

90' ABS Sidewall
the toughest construction that keeps the edges stronger and safer

The 99mm wide
under the boot section is an ideal compromise for hard packed snow and deep powder alike

Banana reverse camber
shape for deep powder and astonishing butters on the slopes

Carbon-Kevlar fiber stringers
from tip to tail give increased pop and long life flex

Cat-back Profile - Camber
more confidence and control in takeoff and landing

Cat-banana Profile - Hybrid
(rocker/camber/rocker) - extraordinary solution for all-terrain ride

Double Layer Wood core
two kinds of wood (poplar and ash) provide flex and extreme durability

Elliptical rocker (ERT)
rocker based on the radius of an ellipse. Stunning performance

lightweight makes it easier. Thinner sections in wood core reduce the weight of skis

High Quality Base - IS4400
perfect mix of durability and speed

High Speed Base - IS7200
very fast base for freeride and big air

durability, weight savings and flex adjustment

Paulovnia woodcore
extreme light core for overall weight reduction

Real Twin Tip
Equal scoop, geometry and flex. Whatever you ride. Switch or regular

Shock Absorbers
extra protection for edges and core structure

skis destined for deep snow. Surf feeling included

tired of changing skis when leaving park and BC? Not anymore

Fang edge
solution for extra edge grip and power transmission